The documents we need in order to claim are:






1. Copy of the AWB
2. Copies of commercial invoices. 
3. Cession of rights to CARGEX from the original consignee, printed on letterhead with signature and stamp . 
4. Complaint letter with brief description of the facts and amount to claim. 
5. Copies of documents issued on arrival (which are significant to the case). 
6. Copy of pre-claim (issued upon receipt of the load) 
7. Copies of reports of irregularities presented by the consignee at destination 
8. Copies of all documents considered important (photographs, act of destruction, survey reports, rejection of the shipment, etc.). 

Remember that the period within which the claim is 15 days after the shipment arrived at its destination. 
After this period the claim will not proceed due to expiration of terms. 

Also, keep in mind that the claim to proceed shouls be paid in 100% to CARGEX

No claims will be considered unless the account and invoice related to claim is in current standing.
No claim will be honored without an inspection report from an independent surveyor
All invoices pertaining to the claim must be paid in full. No deductions or credit on payments will be accepted until claim is approved and liability determined and proper authorization is granted.